Additional Counselling Services

While the focus of my practice is to assist those who are struggling with anxiety, depression, loss and grief, my training and life experiences have prepared me to aid those who have a wide range of concerns.

It is important to keep in mind that life challenges often have several “layers” to them.  For example, men have traditionally been discouraged from expressing most emotions . . . anger is the one emotion that has been historically “allowed” and even encouraged.  Therefore, if one has suffered a loss that has not been grieved, one might give themselves “permission” to feel and express anger.  While this provides a way to release some negative energy, it does not address the underlying issue.  Furthermore, we are not always conscious of the connection between how we feel in the moment  and the root cause of our pain.  This traps us in the past, where we continue to suffer. 

This inability to move forward also has a negative impact on those around us and our relationships with them.  We do not have to stay in these ugly places.  Counselling can guide us away from this darkness where we can once again live a happier, peaceful life!

With this in mind, I encourage you to reach out to me even if you do not believe you are experiencing anxiety, depression, loss or grief.  Take advantage of my free 30 minute initial consultation.  You are not obligated to carry on with additional sessions . . . my goal is to determine how I can best help you.  Whether we choose to work together, or not, I want you to have a successful outcome.  Sometimes being “here for you” may be better accomplished by utilizing another community resource, or directing you to a colleague who specializes in other areas of service.  In some situations, co-counselling has also proven to be effective.  This process allows a client to benefit from the expertise of more than one counsellor for as long as this additional assistance is needed.

I invite you to reach out to me by clicking on the “Contact” button, below.  Or access my calendar to book your complimentary initial consultation (30 Minutes, Online Only).