Throughout a lifetime, one can experience an assortment of losses, all varying in form and degree of magnitude.

The death of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship or the loss of a job are among the most significant sources of anguish that we may need to face.  Yet, each person’s experience will be unique.  For example, to some the loss of a job may be devastating; to others it is a blessing. 

Depending on the type of loss, many will have an emotional response that is somewhere between these two extremes.

No matter where one sits with a particular loss, it is important to acknowledge its personal meaning and allow oneself to express the emotions that go along with that.  While I have highlighted losses that are generally the most painful of the many that may confront us, there are so many others that I could not even begin to construct a meaningful list.  Whether you have lost a loved one or you are feeling that something (tangible or intangible) has been taken away from you, no matter what the circumstances, you are facing a very real loss.

Sometimes those around us cannot comprehend the magnitude or full impact of our loss; we may be told that it is “not a big deal” or to “get over it”.  If this is the case, I would encourage you to recognize that your emotions are genuine.  Allow me to guide you through this vital phase of acknowledgement and onto the healing process of grieving!


Grieving will bring us face-to-face with the most painful of emotions; if we try to suppress them, we will prevent ourselves from fully healing.  This may leave us trapped in the past, unable to move forward in our lives.  Mourning our loss and “living” the true essence of our pain is the first step toward healing.

My personal experience and professional training will provide you with the support and guidance that you need to navigate a journey that may at times have you feeling “all over the map” . . . not knowing which way is North, or where to place your feet.


I, like most people, have encountered a range of losses throughout my life.  The most painful to confront were the deaths of several whom I cared about and loved deeply.  However, the loss of one particularly beautiful soul completely threw me to the ground.

The the “Year Of The Firsts” is frequently referenced when one is facing the loss of a loved one; events such as the first birthday, traditional family event, or other “anniversary” without this person often bring painful or bittersweet memories to the surface.

For me, the “Year Of The Firsts” lasted three years . . . this single loss was in fact a multitude of intricately entwined losses that required a very unique mourning process through which I absorbed some of my most valued lessons.

Each person’s loss is distinct from that of another.  There is no “right” or “wrong” path to follow, or time frame to recovery.

I did not get through this alone.  Just as I was supported by those around me, I offer you the insight that I have gained.  I am here for you!

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