The Internet impacts almost all aspects of our lives, including how counselling services can be delivered. Whenever one has choices, I believe there is great value in comparing the pros and cons of each option.  YYJ Counselling encourages clients to take advantage of the FREE 25 Minute Initial Consultation to determine the most suitable way to engage in counselling sessions.

Online Counselling (also referred to as Internet Counselling, e-Counselling and Video Counselling) has several advantages over traditional methods of providing the service. First and foremost, the Internet offers access to clients who are house-bound, as well as to those living in locations where Face-to-Face Counselling isn’t available. In many instances, geography may also limit accessibility to one’s preferred counsellor. Online Counselling breaks down all these barriers! 

Furthermore, the convenience of not having to travel allows you, as a client, the ability to maximize the use of your time. With the busy schedules that are the norm for so many, not having to travel could be the difference between engaging in a much needed session or suffering until the required extra time is available.

Familiar Internet “VOIP” services (such as Skype) do not provide the security and privacy that is essential in maintaining the confidentiality of a counselling session. 

YYJ Counselling has been offering secure (encrypted) Online Counselling since 2017, and was therefore well prepared to assist clients remotely when the COVID-19 Pandemic altered our lives so significantly.  In January of 2022, YYJ Counselling changed its Video Conferencing provider to the very well known, secure and reliable Telemedicine Platform. 

As with YYJ Counselling’s previous provider, utilizes software that is end-to-end encrypted to facilitate an audio/video connection between client and practitioner. This form of encryption ensures the confidential online environment that is essential to a professional counselling relationship.  Thus, software is PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant.  Therefore, this tool is used by a variety of Health Care Providers to deliver services to their clients. This software also offers a convenient way to facilitate the financial transaction between the counsellor and client.

For an overview of the software, from the client perspective, including very helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please connect to this link:

You may book a session directly via my Booking Calendar by clicking on the button below.  If you have questions, are looking for additional information, or do not see a suitable time available on my calendar, please take advantage of my convenient Contact Form to send me a message.  Please note that I do reserve additional hours each week that I do not post on my calendar.  This allows me to book clients in emergency situations, and offers additional flexibility for those who wish to have counselling sessions outside of my regular hours, while honouring the fees as outlined on my FEES page. provides software to YYJ COUNSELLING but is not directly affiliated.