During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly being reminded to wear a mask and to keep 2 metres away from each other. 

In media reports, this practice is usually referred to as “Social Distancing”.  With this term being the one that we predominantly hear or read, it stands to reason that its use is routine in our conversations.

I prefer to use the term “Physical Distancing” and encourage others to do the same.  Words are powerful.  They reflect our thoughts while simultaneously shaping our beliefs.  

As a person who studies humanity from multiple perspectives, I have long been aware of how interdependent  we are as a species.  We are far from being the strongest or fastest animal on this planet, yet we have come to dominate it.  Human survival has only been possible through cooperation and sharing. 

While we see much conflict in our world, our historical advancements have always been achieved through the sharing of knowledge and mutual assistance.  Therefore, it is not possible for humans to be “Socially Distant”.

We have always been “in this together” whether we realized it, or not.  I encourage all of us to keep that in mind as we move forward and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.