Alexander Graham Bell Would Be Proud

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell obtained the first patent for what evolved to become the modern telephone.  Even prior to the development of cell phones and smart phones, this mode of communication accelerated the advancement of our species by allowing us to share thoughts and knowledge quickly and effectively.

Whether or not Alexander Graham Bell had a full vision as to where this technology would lead, I believe that he would be proud to know that it is now used to assist those who are dealing with urgent, distressing personal concerns.


As with Online Counselling, Telephone Counselling provides the convenience of saving the time that would be needed to commute to and from a counsellor’s office.  With appointments available at a variety of times throughout the day, sessions can be arranged to fit your schedule. 

For those who have limited mobility, are housebound, “camera shy” or do not have access to a reliable Internet connection, Telephone Counselling eliminates these barriers and is an excellent choice.

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