The answer to this question may depend on the circumstance or context under which it is asked. 

As a counsellor, I often find it challenging to be aware that I am an “entrepreneur”.  My first thought is always about helping others, not about “running a business”.

At this point in human evolution, the Internet is an essential tool for connecting a professional such as myself with potential clients.  Managing this website is one aspect of being “in business”.

Considering the context as outlined above, my answer to the question that I have asked is “A Lesson”.

My initial step toward establishing my Internet presence was to create a business name. This process consumed an incredible amount of time.  While it might have been less complicated to just use my legal name, over the years I have often been asked the not-so-surprising question “how do you spell Terry Mikalishen?” . . . I decided that my legal name would be a poor choice for this purpose. 

In an effort to create something that was unique, appealing and memorable, I sent out numerous lists to family, friends and colleagues.  I am very grateful for their generous feedback . . . and patience!  However, I wasn’t finding a name that met all of the essential criteria.  At times I felt stuck.  Very stuck!  How were clients ever going to find me? 

When I first came up with “YYJ COUNSELLING” I received mixed reactions.  I was encouraged to continue my search, and eventually found another name that was very well received by my mentors, friends and colleagues. 

A few months after launching under this new name I came to the realization that I was not standing out from other counsellors who were using similar business names.  It seemed that all of my time and effort was for nothingThis was an incredibly discouraging moment for me! 

A close friend recommended that I take a few days without any thought about the dilemma. 

Acceptance that I was at a cross-road lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, and within a week I was creating my current website. 

In reality, there are three lessons to be found in this story:  

The “acceptance” that I just referred to is a powerful tool in reducing anxiety and stress.

Lesson two is to trust ourselves.  When I think back to the moment that I coined the name YYJ COUNSELLING, I remember feeling a very positive energy. The name was unique.  It made reference to my geographic location (Victoria, BC) in a very modern way.  Above all, it was easy to remember!  In spite of the respected opinions of my mentors, I instantly fell “back in love” with the name that my gut had identified as the one to go with at the moment it was concieved! 

The third lesson is perhaps the most important one. 

I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t faced obstacles in their lives.  Some challenges immerse us in the most negatives of thoughts.  The idea of “giving up” may seem very appealing. 

When one reaches such a point, it is vital to realize that each challenge is also an opportunity.  Acceptance that we are not progressing (at the moment) is the first step in grounding ourselves. Having the self-loving belief that we deserve a better life allows us to redirect our thoughts to positive options.  We can then summon our determination to take one more step toward our goal, even if it is a tiny one. 

So, what’s in a name?  LESSONS . . . lessons that I hope will be of value to you as well!